a Revolutionary War site in Somerville

Dogs have so much to teach, and what better way to continue learning from them than hanging out with them?  What better way to give back than providing them with the exercise and fun social activity that are so important in a holistic model of health?

Tail Hikes allow dogs an hour and a half of off-leash hiking in a small group (two to four dogs).  This provides a proper outlet for the more athletic dog and offers natural opportunities for play and social time without the constraints of a fence.  Hikers must have a dependable recall and get along well with all other dogs.

For those who aren’t a good fit for off-lead runs along the trails, local walks are available.  Some even involve history lessons.

As we began walking around Cambridge and Somerville, we started to pass markers commemorating historical sites.  The Revolutionary War.  Writer’s homes.  Black History.  Oddball sites of miscellaneous interest.  Hmmm…  what if we combined these concepts?…

And Historic (dog) Walking Tours was born!

the home of TS Eliot

We obviously can’t visit a site every day, but we are out having fun every day. Some dogs are walked singly (privately) and others in groups, but I never take more than three at once, so your dog will get individual attention and a more enjoyable experience.


Walks are $20 per 1/2 hour 
Tail Hikes are $35 each
or $150 weekly for Monday – Friday 

If interested in learning more, just email canis_major@mac.com or call 617-501-WAG1


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