In consults, your pet should be treated as an individual.  Just because your dog has the same condition as your co-worker’s dog doesn’t mean that he or she should receive the same herbal remedies.  Maybe an herbal protocol isn’t even the best treatment modality for your pet — sometimes it’s not.

In considering your pet’s health needs, we’ll look at an array of factors, including history, breed, diet, and many things that may not even appear to be related.  We’ll approach it from a holistic perspective, using the five senses, to discern patterns of symptomology in order to best determine the appropriate herbal course of action.  Above all, please keep in mind that, as an herbalist, I do not diagnose nor prescribe.  Please see your veterinarian for diagnoses and prescriptions.

Initial consults are $60.  This includes two follow-ups and may include Reiki.

Reiki only is $10 – $20 per session (length of time depends on the individual animal’s needs)

Consults may also be conducted by phone or email.  Please call for details.


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