Feeding Greed

Apparently, the AVMA is setting a new standard – one in which money speaks louder than the wellness of your pet.  What else could explain their upcoming meeting where they will vote to create a policy discouraging the feeding of raw food?  Pathogens in tested samples?  Have they noticed that there are far more dogs getting sick from processed dry foods than raw?  No, I think they have noticed that, as pet owners become more aware, sales of processed dry food is declining and those choosing to feed a raw or home-prepared diet is increasing.  Our pets are becoming healthier and eating less “prescription” crap.  Surely, this can’t be good for business!

Truth About Pet Food’s “Very Bad News for Raw Feeders

AVMA’s blog on the topic 

I love my vet.  Rupert and I are going to see her on Monday, in fact.  In Rupert’s seven years, we have seen her only for routine exams and blood draws (where bloodwork always looks excellent).  She is thrilled that we feed a balanced raw diet, and I know that there are lots of other vets out there who don’t see themselves as merely a business, where earnings and profit margins are the only concern,  but as a practice, where they help pets stay healthy.

…Actually, I don’t think it’s such bad news for raw feeders.  Those of us who choose to feed raw will continue to do so.  It’s bad news for the AVMA, who is outing itself as an organization more interested in feeding their own greed than feeding quality nutrition to help our pets stay healthy. How embarrassing for them.


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