Welcome to my Work

Greetings! I am happy to finally have my own space on the web to share my work. I’m not sure yet what I’ll post about – different herbs, common conditions seen in dogs, menial musings… but if you have a preference, please let me know. I want this to be an informative spot for dog peeps, and I want to offer info that will be most useful to the community (not just Somerville, but the dog community in general). So, really. Let me know.

A gajillion thanks to Andy at Truly Good Design for turning me on to this space and getting me started. A truly good man.


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One response to “Welcome to my Work

  1. Anne Baker

    Hi Nancy! Cool website! Would you mind posting the receipe or formula for the parasite prevention water you add to dogs food? I beleive it was water, vinegar and garlic but I don’t know the amounts or doseage. Thanks, Anne. I’ll be checking in often to see what’s new!

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